Pastor says Summitt's death 'imminent'
Written by Dick Cox    Monday, 27 June 2016 23:17    PDF Print E-mail

The pastor of legendary Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt told Knoxville talk-radio host Hallerin Hilton Hill on Monday that Summitt's son, Tyler, no longer is allowing visitors to see her, and her death is "imminent."

(Photo: Randy Sartin, USA TODAY Sports)

A spokesperson for the Summitt family confirmed Sunday in a statement that Summitt's battle with early-onset dementia, Alzheimer's Type, was “progressing," and Dr. Chris Stephens — senior pastor at Knoxville's Faith Promise Church — told Hill during his show Monday afternoon that Summitt "probably" won't survive more than a "few days."

"There's no visitors allowed anymore, and Pat will probably pass into Heaven in the next few days," Stephens told Hill on Knoxville's WOKI-FM.

"Pat has gone down pretty rapidly. Tyler has been unbelievable in taking care of his mother — the best help, the best folks that could possibly be — and he's doing very well. He said yesterday there was a line of players to come, said, 'We love you,' and, 'Goodbye.' But Tyler has said no more visitors, so the doctors are saying it's very imminent."

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Stephens added that Summitt wouldn't overcome her current problems "unless God did a Red Sea-parting miracle."


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