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Lawrence throws 4 TDs as No. 3 Clemson tops Deacons 52-3


Jimmie Johnson announces retirement as full-time NASCAR Cup driver after 2020 season


 Johnson has been racing for 18 years

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 Tron is a young man that with a smile can brighten anyone day. In 2006 Tron was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. Where he then started to receive treatment at Greenville hemo/onc and then received a total knee surgery at Emory hospital in Atlanta Georgia.  After, jumping that bridge Tron relapsed to AML which is a blood type Lukemia. When he then was Transported to MUSC of Charleston. Where he then was told that he would have to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and was on the list to find a donor. At that time his mother got tested and by the grace of God she came back and perfect match and at the moment the paper work started for Tron to receive his new bone marrow.  During that time Tron caught a disease called Graft vs Host which damaged his skin, throat and espically his lungs. Tron, then had to start back up to take chemo therapy to keep everything stable to where it wouldn't  get worse. During, the time of trying to make it pass this matter Tron knee started to give him problems. Which the Dr had to make a decision to try to go back in and replace the current knee he have are to do a Total above the knee ampatation. So with the help of staff and dr they decided that the amputation for Tron was the best and safest way. This was a very hard pill to swallow for Tron and his family and a hard decision for his Mother and Father. Tron recently had made the Marching band for Boiling Springs High School and where he also Joined the Fishing Team. Just when Tron though his life was getting back to normal he hit another brick wall.  Tron has a smile that can brighten anyone day he is a people's person and have some many individuals that look up to him. Tron enjoys Fishing, Driveing and spending time with family and Friends. On Wednesday August 9, 2017 Tron will be traveling to MUSC in Charleston to have an above knee amputation where he will have to stay at the hospital in Charleston for treatment and physical therapy. Tron is the oldest out of Three Girls and the only Boy.  He will be home schooled until he is able to return back to his first year of high school at Boiling Springs High School. His mother has currently stop working to care for her son during the hospital stay and the journey after.  Please if everyone could please donate a $ 1.00 to help this family during this time to provide what is needed through this hardship. They would very much appreciate it.  Again, thank you all so much and please continue to keep Tron and his family in your prayers 

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